Hatake Tsubasa


Name: Hatake Tsubasa (Literally meaning “Field Wing”)
Age: Appears 21 (Aged 83)
Height: 6’1”
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Strength: 13 – 1
Constitution: 16 – 3
Dexterity: 14 – 2
Wisdom: 14 – 2
Intelligence: 16 – 3
(Reiatsu) Charisma: 18 – 4

SEP: 8 (Bonus +3 SEP due to Reiatsu Score, +2 furthermore due to Enlightened) = 13 SEP

Starting Feats:
Deadly Touch
Prerequisite: Reiatsu Attribute 13
Benefit: As a standard action, you may cause wounds with a successful touch attack. You can deal a total number of hit point damage equal to your character level x your Reiatsu Attribute. You may divide the damage up however you choose. The target may attempt a Fortitude save (DC 10+1/2 character level+ charisma modifier) for half damage. Alternately, you may use this ability to heal undead.
Prerequisites: Reiatsu Attribute 13
Benefit: Through training, you have increased your spiritual reserves. You gain +2 SEP per level. This feat applies retroactively.
Special: This feat can be taken multiple times, its effects stack.

Type: Wind/Kido
Shikai: Shikai: 最後のブリーズバグラム (Final Breeze Bagram): “Capture the winds essence!” Once the release phrase is spoken the hilt of the regular Katana becomes slender and curved, without a cross-guard. The blade of the weapon itself becomes transparent and only partially visible in the light. The blade makes little noise and is almost weightless.

“Slice”: The key ability to this Shikai is its ability to send an attack along the wind, the attack can travel up to 10 times the Zanpakutou’s enhancement modifier, the base of this attack is only 10ft. The attack is difficult to see but can be heard very easily as it shreds the air.

Bankai: 最終的な見捨てられた風のバグラム永遠 (The Final Forsaken Wind Bagram the Eternal): “Bring me the land above!” Once this phrase is spoken the user is surrounded by a pillar Zanpakutou takes on a much more physical form combining with the user. Sleek silver armour now encases both the users arms and legs, the armour is extremely light weight and aerodynamic. The Bankai also causes the wind to shriek as the player moves. Also, the Bankai allows the player to glide across wind currents at high speeds, if there is no wind in the area the ability does not function.

“Pulse”: The key ability to this Bankai is its ability to force the air around the user to exploded outwards violently, even destroying pieces of the environment if strong enough. The user being in the epicentre of the ability takes no damage. Anyone within 50ft of the opponent must succeed a Fort save DC 10+Users Zanpakutou Enhancement+1/2 Characters level or be sent back 80ft.


Backstory: Hatake grew up like so many others, running around as a child honing his spiritual prowess to hopefully one day join the Shinigami. And when that day came, he did. Nothing more can be said for Hatake, his life has been totally by the book up to this point. If you were to ask him he couldn’t tell you who, or how he was when he was a live.

Love Insterest: None.

Goals: Gather more information to share around 12th Division.

Hated Enemies: None (Yet).

Info: Hatake wears the uniform of the Shinigami proudly, despite his appearance being somewhat ‘generic’ for a pencil pusher. Hatake sports a hair-style similar to that of Aizen, along with a pair of reading glasses, not similar to Aizen’s. Hatake likes to tell himself that he’s one of the more productive members of the 12th Division of the 13 court guard squads. In all honesty Hatake struggled to make his way through the Shinigami academy, he would rarely even raise his weapon against a training dummy, and he never raised it against a sparing opponent. Hatake spends his free time reading or mindlessly counting clouds as he strolls about without purpose. Hatake tends to be overly polite, he may even come off as a tad too sincere at times but he means his best.

- Reading
- Kindness
- Peace and quiet
- Sweet foods
- Etiquette

- Impolite people
- Sour foods
- Those who obviously lack intelligence
- Those who ineffectively display or use the law
- Those who break the law

Hatake Tsubasa

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