Tamashi no Yami


AC: 19 HP: 45 (Hit Die d12)

Race: Human
Alignment: Nuetral Good
Lvl: 3
Class: Warrior Shinigmai/3

Str: 18 – +4
Dex: 14 – +2
Con: 16 – +3
Int: 13 – +1
Wis: 13 – +1
Cha: 14 – +2 (Reitsu)
SEP: 8 – 8

Fort: 6 (Good)
Reflex: 3 (Poor)
Will: 2 (Poor)

Weapon: Zanpakuto (Shi no Kama)
+8 attack Bonus
2d4 damage
x4 critical
0 range
slashing & piercing
Medium size

Damage Reduction 3/- (X3)
Improved Initiative
Constant Release


Born in the City of Death, Tamashi’s chances were grim from the very start. It is unclear who sired Tamashi as he was found one Solus night in outside of the Hall of Renewal, wailing and almost blue with the cold of the winter. A monk was lucky to hear his cries from inside the solid stone of the hall and on investigating, took the small child in to be his own son. Tamashi was nameless for a week, wherein he never smiled, never laughed and only emitted noise to communicate his needs. As Tamashi grew, it was obvious that he was going to be one of the greates monks of the order. Strong, fast and wise, Tamashi climbed the ranks at an almost un-heard of rate. Shortly after his 18th birthday, while in deep meditation atop the Tower, screams began emitting from the hall below him. An un-godly roar forced it’s way up the tower to greet him as Tamashi rushed to help the screaming voice. Almost blasted off his feet by the strength of the roar, he clutched at the cold glass wall to steady himself. A blast of red erupted from the hall, tearing through the stone like paper and punching a hole in the base of the Tower. Tamashi abandoned all safety in a rush to reach the bottom of the tower before it shattered, slicing him to ribbons.With seconds to spare, he threw himself down the last flight of steps and through the archway onto the walkway above the Hall Proper. Below him, the monks were in an impromptue battle with a masive creature shaped like a bull on two legs, it’s face covered by a bone mask. With another bellow, the bull let forth a second red blast, this one tearing through the wall and moving up, destroying the platform where Tamashi was standing. Tamashi hit the ground some 40 feet below and both his legs were broken. The massive creature turned to him as he cried out and faster than the eye could follow, impaled him with a horn. As Tamashi’s blood flowed from his veins, he glimpsed two figures all in black appear. Tamashi awoke in Hanging Dog, his body whole but his mind thirsting for revenge. A year later, Tamashi finally learned the identity of the figures in black and the roll they played. For the next 14 years, Tamashi trained and fought in an attempt to become stronger, until he finally gained entrance into the Soul Reaper Academy. Now, twenty years later, having graduated with record marks and being assigned to Squad 10, Tamashi is eager prevent his fate from befalling any-one else.

Tamashi is a tall person, standing at around 6’4". He is well built and has definate muscle definition. His pitch black hair is immensly unrully and as such, Tamashi never bothers to style it in anyway, knowing that any attempt is pointles, making it always look as if he has just woken up. He has a set of piercing, coal-black eyes and strong features. Tamashi prefers to keep as clean-shaven as possible. Tamashi wears the standard shinigami uniform but has added a black scarf that is tied around his neck and hangs loosly down his back. The scarf was specially made on request so as to provide a convinient place to store small items and is easily able to be pulled up to cover his nose and mouth in a matter of seconds.

Tamashi no Yami

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