Captain-Commander Yamamoto
Currently celebrating his 900th year as Captain-Commander, Yamamoto is one of THE scariest people you’ll ever see. His Zanpakuto is a fire type, but in the same way Tsunami is still a wave. With enough spiritual pressure to stop a liuetenant breathing just by looking them in the eyes, he is a force to be reckoned with. This man follows orders to the letter, despite the consequences or repurcussions. However, he has shown himself to be immensly wise and flexible when allowed to make his own rulings. Yamamoto views everybody as either infants or small children, irrespective of actual age or power. The only known exception to this rule is Captain Unohana, who is of an indeterminate but equally venerable age.

Kenpachi Zaraki
Kenpachi Zaraki is the Captain of Squad 11, the primary front-line troops. Kenpachi Zaraki is one of very few Captains to have achieved the rank through killing the previous Captain. Zaraki slew his predecessor with a single strike and took his Haori from the dead body. Zaraki spends hours getting his hair to spike just the way he likes and then adding bells to the tips. Zaraki will never enter a fight unless he believes it has the potentiol to amuse him. The eye-patch that Zaraki wears an eye patch covering his right eye. This patch was specifically designed to eat the spiritual pressure that Zaraki gives off in order to make his fights last longer.

Kenpachi Zaraki *LVL*16 Warrior Shinigami
HP=320 AC=30
Touch 15
Flatfooted 25
8 to Intimidate checks
BaB = +16/
Immunity to Criticals and Sneak attacks
STR: 28 (8)
DEX: 20 (
CON: 22 (6)
INT: 18 (
WIS: 16 (3)
CHA: 10 (
SEP: 8+4+10 – 22
SEP per lvl: 722
Zanpakuto (Nameless) 4
-2d8 damage
-Critical Range 18-20 X2
-Range 5ft -Slashing
-Attack Bonus +24/
Grapple: +24
Fortitude: 16
Reflex: 10
Will: 8
Initiative: +9
-Bloodied -Damage Reduction(X10) -Deadly Touch -Enhanced Touch -Enlightened
-Hakudo Expert -Mettle -Mettle (II) -Rage -Greater Rage -Mighty Rage
-Tireless Rage -Oppurtinist -Uncanny Dodge -Improved Uncanny Dodge
Class Features Dedicated Warrior – Shunpo Ineptitude

Urahara Kisuke
Urahara Kisuke, was once the promised captain of 12th Division, he now stands as an outcast. Urahara, is a deceptive being, always knowing more than he lets on. Urahara always seems to be at the heart of one problem or another. Urahara, is shown to wear a set of dark-green martial artist robes, covered by his version of a captains Haori, black with white diamonds. Along with that Urahara is exceedingly known for his traditional Japanese sandals, Geta, and his famed Bucket Hat. This ears him the nickname, ‘Mister Hat n’ Clogs’. Urahara, wields his ever faithful Benihime, and there is never ending speculation as to what his Bankai might be. Despite his apparent joyful, jovial, and sarcastic attitude Urahara is an extremely serious man taking his work to the next level every time, after all he is a genius.

Urahara Kisuke, Expert Shinigami lvl11, Outcast lvl3

HP – 121 AC – 29 (31 Shikai)
Touch AC – 26 (29 Shikai)
Flatfooted – 26 (29 Shikai)
BAB 17/8 – 20/11/6 (Shikai) [Includes attack bonus]
Str: 12 – 1
Dex: 16 – 3 (22 – 6 Shikai)
Int: 22 – 6 (Reiatsu)
Wis: 14 – 2
Cha: 17 – 3
SEP: 521
Move Speed: 30ft – 50ft (Shikai)
Unreleased: ‘Sword-Cane’(4 enhancement)1d10(3)20×2
Range – 5ft Type – Slashing
- Attacks 17/8
Shikai – Benihime: Benihime (4 enhancement) 2d6(6)20×3
Range – 5ft Type – Slashing
Attacks 20/11/6
Shikai Special Abilities -
Nake: A concussive and destructive crimson blast emanating from Urahra’s blade on command, the attack moves in a 50ft Line, and is 10ft wide. (For all intensive purposes this ability counts as an energy-based ranged attacked.
SEP Cost: 15
Damage: 4d6
Nake+: The same as the normal Nake used at full power to deal with more destructive opponents. Just as the same it fires on command but moves in an 50ft line with a 20ft wide radius. And functions the exact same as the other Nake.
SEP Cost: 30
Damage: 8d6
Zanpakuto abilities: Ability increase (x3 Dex),Speed (x2),Increased damage,Increased critical,wounding (dc20 Fort save)
Grapple: 11
Ranged Attack: 17
Initiative: 3 – 6 (Shikai)
Fortitude: 7
Reflex: 12
Will: 12
Feats:Weapon finess,Enlightened defense,Evasion,Weapon focus,Tinker,Master tinker, Expanded Shikai x3.
Suppress reiatsu: 33
Sense motive: 30
Knowledge (kido lore): 23
Knowledge (popular culture): 23
Knowledge (Current events(:23
Tumble: 20
Hide: 20
Move Silently: 20
Bluff: 20
Craft: 23
Intimidate: 20

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