Seasons in Orourobas

There are four seasons in Orourobas, each having deadly consequences for the player if they aren’t prepared for it.

Forrund – Basicly, this is Summer. Temperatures in the centre of the world can reach up to 40 degrees celsius however, you’d be lucky if it hit 15 closer to the ocean. It will most likely rain every night coming up to the middle of Forrund. We’re not just talking a little drizzle here either, think Cataclysmic. Every night. Find a nice high place to sleep or you’re most likely going to drown. Beware of creepy crawlies…

Sassund – The autumn time. Most probably the safest time of year but still, don’t get cocky. There is a lot of accumulated moisture this time of year so don’t be worried when everything is covered in thick fungus. Do be worried, however, about the fungi that can get up and come eat you. They’re generally not very nice.

Garrund – The Time of Death. Temperatures plummet no matter where you are. Get rugged up or face the unpleasent consequences of living minus your toes… If you live at all. Not a nice time of year, most people lock their doors, shut the curtains and sit by the fire as the monsters of the night prowl the deserted streets. If you’re brave, or stupid, enough to leave your halls and hunt the beasts of the wild, a very steep learning curve can be established. a VERY steep curve.

Morrund – Dry as a bone. The only way to describe this time of year. It is just starting to heat up as the prowlers of the night retreat back to their frozen refuges. Food is scarce right now and water is becoming a commodity. As such, there is a lot more violence in the streets and any displays of wealth, no matter how small, will draw the attention of MANY different types of people. Hide what little gold you have, guard your food and above all else, watch out for daggers in the night. Otherwise, it may be your last night. Again.

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Seasons in Orourobas

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